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What is CostCertified™?

CostCertified on IPhone About CostCertified™

We've been hard at work creating something that has never been seen in the construction/renovation industry. It isn't just an estimating tool... it allows companies to provide highly accurate quotes in a simple way. Every company is different and has different needs, and as such we encourage you to register for our free trial. During your free trial one of our staff will contract you to help you get started. As we get to know your company and its needs we will create a custom pricing solution that will fit within your budget and provide everything necessary to bring your organization to another level. There's no obligation for the free trial. We feel that the best way for you to understand the power of what we've created is for you to see it and test it yourself.

Benefits/Features of CostCertified™

    • Provide highly accurate quotes without needing an estimator
    • Use it "out of the box" or customize your own line item costs and profit margins
    • Save time by using assemblies (templates you build from common quotes)
    • Create a sense of trust and clarity with the customer while quoting in real-time
    • Don't lose money by forgetting an item... quote your job or project with complete accuracy
    • Intuitive interface allows any business owner or sales person to use the app
    • iPad friendly allowing you to quote in real-time, anywhere
    • Send the quote by email
    • Digitally sign all documents
    • Use the CostCertified™ seal on all quotes to win more jobs

Why CostCertified™?

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an easy-to-use quoting tool for contractors, sales people, estimators, renovators, insurance adjusters, homeowners, and bankers that provides real-time, accurate quotes no matter how big or small the project. Too many projects are misquoted or poorly estimated leaving the homeowner with a bad taste and the company struggling to make a profit. It's time for something like CostCertified™ that brings an industry standard where both homeowner and business owner alike are confident in the estimates.

What Does It Mean To Be


It means you are approved to provide real-time, accurate quotes using our tool. You can put the CostCertified™ seal on both your website and marketing materials to provide more credibility and trust. Every quote you provide will be stamped with our CostCertified™ seal providing confidence and trust in your estimates.

How Do I Become


You need to become a paid member that is approved. Our approval process is very straight forward whereby we ensure that all our members are trained by our staff on how to properly use our too to provide real-time, accurate quotes.

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CostCertified™ is a way for anyone in the construction industry to have a systematized approach to estimating resulting in highly accurate quotes.

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