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Our dashboard is clean and simple allowing you to see stats at a glance or get where you need to go fast.

CostCertified allows any contractor, renovator, home builder, trades person, or estimator to provide highly accurate quotes in real-time using an iPad or laptop. Our easy-to-use interface and pre-built assemblies make it very simple and fast to provide a quote right in front of the homeowner.

Access To National Cost Database

We have an entire cost database that you get access to and integrates with our unique quoting engine. You can even customize the costs on the go if you wish.

You can localize your pricing by simply putting in the postal code... our cost database shows pricing based on postal codes.

Save Time and Money

With a click of a button you can link floor areas making it super fast to create a quote.

There's nothing like CostCertified... once you start using it you'll save a ton of time quoting projects and you'll save money by providing an accurate quote every single time! And the best part is that your customers will be extremely happy that your quotes are accurate and there are no surprise increases in costs.

Intuitive Interface

You can even add pictures to your quotes or any file type. We provide a file management system integrated with the quoting engine.

Let's face it... nobody likes using software that is clunky and hard to use. Our entire focus from the start to finish with CostCertified is making it as simple and robust as possible. That means we haven't sacrificed any functionality but we've made it incredibly easy to use.

Quote and Client Management (all paperless!)

Send a quote after you are done with a click of a button that is a fully customized PDF version of the quote you just did in real-time.

Don't worry about printing and signing. Get your client to simply sign via email digitally... we have it fully integrated with our app.