CostCertified™ was born out of a strong need in the marketplace for contractors to be able to provide real-time, consistent, reliable and accurate quotes for all jobs both large and small.
In order for any construction or renovation company to grow they need to find a way to accurately quote jobs. Not having a great system in place can cost the company time and money. Not to mention, poorly estimated jobs can result in unhappy customers. CostCertified™ is more than just a software tool. It is a new industry standard whereby the contractor or construction company is CostCertified™ meaning they have been trained and approved to use the CostCertified™ quoting app and bear our seal of approval on all quotes/estimates.
The Story of CostCertified™
About US
3 Years Ago
Our vision is to create an easy-to-use quoting tool for contractors, sales people, estimators, renovators, insurance adjusters, homeowners, and bankers that provides real-time, accurate quotes no matter how big or small the project. Too many projects are misquoted or poorly estimated leaving the homeowner with a bad taste and the company struggling to make a profit. It's time for something like CostCertified™ that brings an industry standard where both homeowner and business owner alike are confident in
1 Year Ago
CostCertified™ is now becoming a recognizable brand in Canada. The vision of the company is that every household in Canada and the United States will soon request that their contractor be CostCertified™. And it only makes sense that all contractors or service providers will want to use the CostCertified™ app since it provides instant, accurate quotes.
After the owners of the renovation company found the right partners they went to work developing the CostCertified™ app. It took over a year of development since everyone involved wanted to ensure it was easy-to-use but still very robust. The app is built using new technology and is iPad friendly.