About CostCertified

CostCertified was born from two guys with a vision that wanted to change how construction estimating and management was done. They set out to tackle some of the biggest problems in construction and after a few years of intense development work and getting feedback from real users they ended up with a product that is poised to change the way construction is managed forever!
Now CostCertified is a platform unlike any other technology in construction. As a team, we are dedicated to making CostCertified the best possible solution in residential construction. Not sure if CostCertified is right for you? Chances are it is flexible and powerful enough that it will do whatever you need and most likely exceed your expectations. Right now we are in closed beta but everyone on our list will be emailed as soon as we go live to the public.

Are you wanting to invest in CostCertified?

We are a private company looking to expand worldwide. If you are a serious investor who understands the construction industry send us a message at dave@costcertified.com

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