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The Quick Guide to Calculating Overhead Costs in Construction

As your construction business grows, things get more complicated, and instead of simply calculating materials, labor, and profit, you’re going to want to include overhead costs in your estimates. Here’s what that means a...

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We’re In a Construction Tech Boom – Here’s How That Will Affect Your Construction Software Choices

For many years, the construction industry lagged behind most others in adopting new technologies, adapting to a digital world and developing construction software solutions to solve common problems.

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How to Calculate Work in Progress in Construction

Here’s what you need to know about what that is and how to calculate work in progress in construction.

Contractor's Guides

How to Calculate Labor Rates and Costs for a Construction Estimate?

Labor rates are an integral part of any estimate; they are also one of the toughest parts of any construction estimate. That is because there are several components that determine the total labor costs of a project and b...

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Optimize Renovation Projects with Kitchen and Bathroom Estimating Software

Learn how innovative tech can make estimating costs and managing projects a breeze.


Top 8 Construction Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

New technologies and approaches are emerging all the time. So, what are the trends shaping the construction industry in 2023?


Common Construction Payment Issues + Tips to Combat Them

Considering renovations for your home? We share some of the most common issues you could face when it comes to payment and ways to avoid them.


Why Home Remodeling Visualization is the Key to “One-Call Closes”

With advancements in technology, contractors can help their homeowner customers leverage home remodeling visualization to streamline the process.

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