5 Reasons to Get Construction Cost Estimating Software

5 min readJuly 13, 2022

Do you run a construction business? If so, you're probably well aware that 2021 has not been kind to contractors.

Between skyrocketing lumber prices, other supply chain issues, or clients putting projects on hold—many contractors are struggling to grow their businesses.

If a contractor does want to expand operations, then they have to face the skilled labor shortage. Reports show that 92% of contractors have difficulty finding skilled workers.

Feeling ready for some good news?

Implementing construction cost estimating software can give your business a significant advantage.

It can help you rope in a higher number of projects. It can also save you large amounts of time and increase productivity in your business.

Ready to find out how construction estimating software can help you? Carry on reading to discover why you need estimating software.

1. Better Organization

Are you struggling to consolidate information between excel sheets, price lists, CRM software, your phone, and your inbox? If yes, then you need construction estimating software.

With construction estimating software, you can house and access everything you need to quote clients and track costs in a single location.

With CostCertified you can enjoy the capabilities of CRM and quotation software all in one place.

This integrates the lead generation, sales, and estimating process into one streamlined tool.

2. Visually Stimulating Estimates

If you choose CostCertified, you will also be able to give your clients visually stimulating estimates and quotes. 

Boring, non-visual estimates have been a plaguing problem in the construction industry for far too long.

Almost all estimates consist of a row of line items and a total at the bottom. This doesn't give clients any idea of how their project will look once completed.

Most clients want to have control over the visual elements of their upgrades. So why not give them this right within their estimate?

CostCerftified puts clients in the driver's seat in two main areas.

With CostCertified all your estimates populate with images of selected finishes, fittings, etc.

This gives clients an instant visual on how different elements pair together, and what the overall result will look like. Instead of puzzling over a black-and-white list of line items, your clients can get excited about their completed project.

3. Interactive Estimates

The other way CostCertified puts clients in control is through interactive estimates. 

With CostCertified, your prospects can swap out finish options right within their estimates. If they don't like a selection, they can click on a line item and browse through alternative finishes, fittings, etc.

If they choose a new selection, their estimate will update to reflect the change.

This provides clients with an Amazon-like buying experience for their projects. Not only does it put the power in their hands, but it also makes changes to estimates instant and convenient.

CostCertified is currently the only residential construction estimating software that offers interactive estimates. 

When clients receive your CostCertified estimate, it will instantly stand out. Compared to competitor estimates, yours will be more compelling and have more functionality. Not only why it be visually stimulating and informative, but the interactive functionality will highlight clients' experience with you from the get-go.

These are just two of the reasons CostCertified is the best construction estimating software choice.

4. Significant Time Savings

Good construction cost estimating software streamlines your client's experiences. It also streamlines the estimate creation process for contractors.

CostCertified offers contractors various functionalities for making estimate generation quicker and more efficient. Once you have set up your products and materials, you can import these into your estimates in a couple of clicks.

Besides this, you can also group products and materials into prebuilt assemblies. To adapt these to your quote, all you have to do is adjust the dimensions.

CostCertified can also save you hours of time in re-estimates and change orders.

Re-estimates and change orders can be a business killer for contractors. They can distract you from current projects, and eat up vast amounts of time.

If you have set up your upgrades already, clients can select these on their own. They can also add in optional extras.

This can save you endless back and forth interactions with your clients. As well as hours spent reworking estimates.

The combination of interactivity and pre-assemblies can also save you time. For instance, let's say you have sent a client an estimate for an ensuite and a kitchen remodel. 

When the client sees the total, they decide they're going to hold off on the ensuite. To rework the estimate, you then have to work out how much drywall to take away, how much insulation to subtract, etc.

With pre-built assemblies, you or the client can simply deselect the ensuite assembly.

5. More Productive Employees

Last but not least, construction estimating software like CostCertified also helps your employees be more productive.

Do you have sales reps out in the field? If so, they can quickly and efficiently add leads to CostCertified.

When it's time to convert these leads into prospects, all it takes is a few clicks. When a prospect requests an estimate, you or your employees can generate one in a fraction of the time of a traditional estimate.

Many of our users have found they can create estimates in under a quarter of the time it would usually take them.

Not only does this save you time, but it also means your prospects get their estimates at record speed.

This is another feature that can help you stand out from the competition. If clients get your estimate in hours instead of days, this will give a positive impression.

Are You Looking for the Best Construction Cost Estimating Software?

Industry analysis has revealed that companies that invest in construction technology gain traction. If you implement construction cost estimating software, you're likely to see more productivity, more accepted bids, and heightened efficiency in your business. 

However, don't make the mistake of using just any construction estimating software. For a start, free construction estimating software won't get you the capabilities that a high-powered solution like CostCertified will.

CostCertified came into being because two guys wanted to change how construction estimating and management happens. After a few years of intense development, CostCertified is now poised to solve some of the biggest problems in construction.

Ready to change the way you sell your construction services? Are you keen to stand out a mile from the competition, while saving yourself hours of time?

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