The Next Evolution of Construction Retail Is Here

Right now the experience for the consumer when getting a new home built or renovation/remodeling job done is very inefficient. The estimate they get is usually static, unclear, and lacking detail. The construction industry is definitely ripe for disruption since most consumers aren't enjoyi […]

Estimating, Re-Estimating & Change Orders Kill A Business - How to Make Them Painless & Automated

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day who's the Chief at a fire station but on the side builds custom homes and does custom remodeling and renovations. He does really good work but can't quit his firefighting job because of how much time estimates, re-estimates, and change […]

Best Free Residential Remodeling Construction Estimating Software

If you are running a remodeling or renovation company then you probably know the biggest pain points are:

  • Quotes/estimates

  • Re-estimates

  • Change orders

These are the things that can kill any contracting company. So what's the solutio […]

Construction Payment Fulfillment & Automation - Facilitating Payments Through Escrow

One of the hardest things for any home builder or medium to large sized renovation company is the handling of payments & invoices. If you employ a lot of subcontractors then you know firsthand the pain of tracking invoices and fulfilling payments in a timely fashion.

I recently had a m […]

Close More Construction Jobs By Responding to Leads Faster Using Our Built-In CRM Tool For Free

Growing a business can be challenging even in the best of times. There's so much you need to do to make it happen. From the business process to generating leads to providing quotes to closing deals to change orders to project management to admin... the list just goes on and on.

The be […]

How Online, Interactive Construction Quotes & Estimates Can Increase Your Profit

Until now, every construction software available only lets you send static proposals. Don't get me wrong, some of them can be very nice looking and digital but they are still static. What I mean is that they don't allow the consumer to "play around" with the quote and see the […]

Why Fast Accurate Construction Estimates Win More Jobs

As a general contractor running a renovation company or custom home building company you most likely want to win more projects, right? More than likely, your potential customer is getting more than one quote, so how do you make sure you put yourself in a better position to actually win it?