The Next Evolution of Construction Retail Is Here

2 min readNovember 30, 2019

Right now the experience for the consumer when getting a new home built or renovation/remodeling job done is very inefficient. The estimate they get is usually static, unclear, and lacking detail. The construction industry is definitely ripe for disruption since most consumers aren't enjoying the same seamless experience they are used to with today's innovative technology. One way the construction industry needs to change is making it easier for the consumer to choose their own finishes when getting a quote and know the EXACT price they will pay for their project. Why should the consumer get a "general" estimate with allowances and then be forced to travel to stores or shop online only to find out that most things they want aren't even within the allowance? It's so archaic. Why can't items be available right within the quote? Think "e-commerce for construction". The next evolution of construction retail is having items available as the consumer reviews their quote. So they can upgrade, downgrade, and add optional items with the full knowledge of the price change. No need to spend extra time on or or any other store... they can do it right within the quote and book it on the spot knowing exactly what they are getting. I'm surprised that sends contractors out to provide estimates and they don't have technology to allow them to provide accurate quotes in minutes that include items from HomeDepot built right within it. Think of how many more items HomeDepot could sell if they brought the retail experience into every single construction estimate they deliver across North America? Our stats show that 83% of consumers choose an upgrade when interacting with a dynamic quote sent from CostCertified that has upgrade options available. Maybe HomeDepot is slow to change... what about all the other suppliers out there that want a better way to sell their inventory? You already have relationships with many contractors. Could you imagine having your items built right within each quote they are providing to the customer? That is so much more powerful than having a website and hoping customers will find it and buy from you. CostCertified is one of the only platforms that allow construction items to be included in every quote as upgrades or optional items. And the best part is that the price changes in real-time based on dimensions. So the consumer will know exactly how much they will pay as they choose their finishes without having to do any math. We are convinced that CostCertified is the next evolution of construction retail. Calling all suppliers out there... now is the time to get on board!