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Change orders
Tracking costs
Construction CRM
Digital Proposals
Interactive Estimates
Interactive, Online Construction Estimates with Real-time Upgrades
Wow your customers with every estimate. Let your customers interact with your estimates and see price change in real-time! There's nothing like this in the industry!
Start Building A Fast, Accurate Quote
Normally you'd spend hours trying to put together an accurate quote. Take a look at how easy it is using CostCertified!
Digital Construction Estimates & Proposals
Why send static, unclear, vague construction quotes? Why not provide a digital estimate that looks beautiful and your customers can interact with in real-time while seeing the price change?
Save Different Templates for Your Digital Proposals
Want to customize your digital proposals based on the project your doing? Maybe a nice kitchen background for the kitchen proposal or a bathroom background for your bathroom proposals? Or maybe you have multiple brands and want a different logo and style for each? No problem!
Automate Re-Estimates & Change Orders
Re-estimates & change orders can kill a business. With CostCertified they are done on the fly, it's so easy you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Adding Leads To Your CRM Tool
Tracking your leads properly & staying organized is paramount to growing. With CostCertified you get your own custom CRM that's fully integrated.
Know The Status of The Estimates You Sent
The magic of CostCertified is how easily you can send a construction estimate that's accurate and also know its status (i.e. if it's been opened, booked, etc).
Assemblies & Items - The Magic of CostCertified
CostCertified is patent-pending because we reinvented the way construction quotes are built & sent. Learn why it's so magical when you use our assemblies & items.
Manage All Your Line Items & Costs
Manage your items on the fly and set your profit margins easily. Build assemblies to use on every job.
Adding Vendors & Subcontractors To Manage Costs & Payments
CostCertified makes it easy to assign any line item to a vendor or subcontractor so that you can keep track of your costs and payments in your budget tab.
Adding Users & Permissions
Unlike most other construction software, CostCertified allows for unlimited users (and unlimited leads, clients, proposals, etc). Check out how you can add a new user and control their permissions.
Booking An Estimate With An Optional Item
Your customers can upgrade with a click of a button right within your interactive, online estimate. All costs are already built in so the price updates in real-time.
Track Construction Material List Easily
Heck, CostCertified already does so much, why not track your material list too? Check it out.
Easily Change Profit Margins On Any Job
Want to make more money on a job? You can easily change your profit margin and it will automatically update the ENTIRE quote with the new markup. Magical!
Manage Project Status, Line Items & Budgets In One Place
After you book a job, let CostCertified do the heavy lifting by providing you with an easy way to track all your jobs, vendors, and budgets.
File Management For Construction Projects
Need a better, more innovative way of managing all your files and pictures in construction? Check out how easy it is with CostCertified.