Homeowner features

Ease your mind with accurate estimates

Stay in control of your budget and upgrades

Get funding to bring your project to life

With homeowner financing, you can apply for funding to pay for your next big project without going through the pain of standard financing options.

Edit and approve your estimate with instant pricing

Easily add, edit, or upgrade products with a single interaction. CostCertified’s linked logic lets you adjust the details of your entire project automatically.


Receive complete visibility throughout your renovation and watch your project unfold

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Easily request change orders without the back and forth

Did you change your mind regarding the option you picked? Add, upgrade or remove an item with the click of a button.

Track every stage of your project

Access your approved proposal and track progress at any time with CostCertified.

Protect your investment with built-in escrow

With CostCertified, your payments are collected and protected in escrow, so you only pay for completed work.

Get coverage for unexpected repairs with CostCertified Protection

Most insurance providers won't cover damages (ex. water damage) that occur in your home during your renovation. CostCertified Protection will protect you where others won’t.

Check off all the boxes before your payment is released

Approve your changes before payments are authorized. View reports and communicate with your contractor all from one place.

Create an estimate for your project and share it with your contractor

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Invite your contractor to use CostCertified


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