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4 min readJune 9, 2022

Taylor Hix’s path to success with Bigfoot Decks & More LLC wasn’t a straight line. In fact, it all started about four years ago with a different company and a different partner.

Things didn’t work out with that business partner, and about a year ago, Taylor was on his own. Which was the same time he decided to start Bigfoot Decks & More LLC. Since the company started, Taylor has made some big moves in the industry and in his business. A switch to CostCertified has helped him to grow his business, and here’s the story about how it all happened.

Starting Out with Old Technology

Like many contractors and construction businesses, when Taylor Hix started Bigfoot Decks & More LLC to service Colorado Springs and surrounds, he knew a lot about the deck business. With several years of experience designing and building custom decks, pergolas, and outdoor living areas, he was ready to hit the ground running. Except that he was starting his business with old technology. A desktop-based estimating package got the job done at first, but it was running on an ancient MacBook, and when that computer needed to be replaced, Taylor wanted to upgrade to a new PC. “The software we were using was well put together and got the job done,” said Hix, “but I knew it wouldn’t work on PC, so I started looking for a new solution.” That new solution was CostCertified’s end-to-end construction estimating solution, and when Taylor reached out, we were ready to help. A new computer that had the computing power needed for a busy construction business and CostCertified’s cloud-based solution was the correct answer. It took Taylor a little time to commit, but he hit the ground running when he did.

Demo and Getting Started

Like many people, when Taylor first saw the CostCertified demo, it was the time-saving element of the CostCertified platform that caught his attention the most. “The ability to give our customers so many options without having to change their estimate was the most appealing.” Says Hix. “We currently have over 30 decking material options programmed into the system, and our customers can try their quote out with each of them.” This is one of the features of CostCertified’s platform that appeals to many contractors. Being able to offer options and upgrade with just one quote really is a game-changer, but Taylor is taking it one step further. “Because our CostCertified quotes and presentations look so good, we’ve turned the quote process into a big reveal.” Says Hix. “We set up a date to present the quote to our clients, and honestly, when we do, they’re just blown away by how professional it all looks.”

Challenges and Support

Like any transition, Taylor’s first few attempts to get CostCertified working for him were a challenge; however, when he reached out to our team, they were ready to help. “I’ve been blown away by the support I have got from CostCertified’s team.” Says Hix. “They’ve helped me to build my deck quote system so that it’s quick and easy to do.” He adds, laughing, “I’m trying to do the same for pergolas and roof coverings, but I am not nearly as good.” It’s a good thing that the CostCertified customer success team is always on his side, though. They’ll be helping him to tweak and perfect the estimates for his other services. This is one of the things that CostCertified prides itself on. We’ve got the best customer support in the industry, and we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers. Whether it’s the easy-to-follow tutorials and videos we provide or hands-on support, we’re always there when you need us.

Where to From Here?

Under the leadership of Taylor Hix, Bigfoot Decks & More LLC is growing fast and is already taking a big share of the deck business in Colorado Springs. “Now that we’re using CostCertified, and just the professionalism and presentation it gives our quotes, we’re taking even more business from our more established competitors.” Says Hix. “The presentation that we get from CostCertified quotes just wins them over.” So much so, in fact, that Bigfoot is expecting to see 10 to 15% more customer conversions this year, and they’re already thinking of hiring another salesperson to help with the extra work. “I’m sure it will make onboarding a salesperson really simple too.” Says Taylor. This is precisely what you want when you need to train new people for one of Colorado Springs’ fastest growing deck companies.

Building A Long-Term Relationship

CostCertified is one of the newer estimating solutions on the market. Which is one of the things that make it so different. It’s built on brand new, cutting edge, intuitive technology. That’s one of the reasons newer businesses like Bigfoot like to work with us, though. Like new, growing construction businesses, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and service. We’re always there for our customers, too, whether they need technical help or something else. So, while Taylor Hix is still building his deck business – and adding to his CostCertified setup – he’s already decided that he won’t be making any changes to his estimating platform. CostCertified is a time saver for growing construction businesses. It turns ordinary quotes into a one-of-a-kind ecommerce like experience, and as companies like Bigfoot are fast discovering, it pays for itself in increased sales within just a few short months. So, if you’re like Bigfoot Decking & More LLC, and you’re looking for an edge to grow a newer business – or to turn an established one into the industry leader in your area – maybe all you need to do is change the way you estimate? When you’re ready to do just that, the team at CostCertified is ready to show you what the future of construction estimating looks like.

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