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Aaron Gray started AG Developers Inc. and established the company as a prestigious home builder in Tennessee.

Aaron Gray started AG Developers Inc. and established the company as a prestigious home builder in Tennessee.

When starting with CostCertified, his goal was to help reduce the time it took him to complete the pain staking estimation process. Much like anyone else, Aaron had a life outside of his career. In order to make the time to fly back and forth from Tennessee to Florida to spend time with the love of his life, he knew he had to radically change his process. That’s where CostCertified comes into the story.

With his dedication to providing the CostCertified team with all the necessary information, and after only two meetings with our onboarders, Aaron was using CostCertified to its full potential. The software reduced his estimating time by over 50%, almost 20 hours per estimate, and allowed AG Developers to see a 20% increase in revenue.

The goal of CostCertified isn’t just to enhance the performance of our clients company’s, as seen with Aaron, it is to also enhance their lives outside of their business.

Aaron gave us a few major key features of our software that he found very beneficial: "CostCertified has had an amazing impact on our business. This software makes replication in estimating exponentially better.

1) clean easy to use interface and dashboard

2) easy to create and edit estimate line items, project components and entire projects (these line items etc. are crucial as they can be re-used for all estimates moving forward. From individual estimates items laying tile or hanging drywall, to components in large projects like bathroom creation or remodel, kitchen creation etc, to complete jobs, finish basement or addition to a home).

3) reusing line items is not just convenient but it allows the company to track the data involved ie profit margin, material costs and labor costs and keep these numbers consistent across clients (re-using line items and even whole project pieces changes estimation times so dramatically with just time savings. That alone is enough but for consistency across minute line items is key to showing our clients we pay attention to details).

4) the software even makes "cleaning" the data up easy. If your not perfect with organizing these items/project components reorganizing is easy with CostCertified, which is a huge help in insuring that our time is never wasted as long as we are entering information.

5) from getting started to responding with help, the support is top notch. Implementation of new software is always an exhausting and dreadful task. The CostCertified team not only makes the process palatable, they insure they follow through on their commitment to helping make the estimation process the best it can be, which is so important to our business!"

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